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Raising Daughters 5 Top Tips

My Husband’s (James) 5 Top Tips For Raising Daughters. Enjoy! OK before we start on my article about raising daughters I want you to know, I would love to be able to write an article about raising sons. I see too many that are lacking in so many areas to even come close to my daughters,…

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Raising Daughters The Number 1 Tip

It’s Easter and yesterday I had this real epiphany after church about raising daughters and the words we use and not just the words but the tone. In our business I am always teaching our partners that it is not just the words we say but the “tone” in which we say it. Let’s get…

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Raising Children

Raising Children: A Dad’s Perspective Raising children has to be the absolute best experience of my life. I have had the joy of raising two beautiful daughters and at the time of me writing this article, one is 17 and the other is 14. I can’t say it has been easy, but I can say…

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being the parent

Overcoming The Challenge Of Being The Parent

Being the Parent from a Dad’s Perspective It seems in today’s culture of minority groups controlling policy makers, being the parent is becoming harder and harder. Parents seem to feel as though they should be the friend before being the parent. They find it hard to know how to discipline, how to reward and almost…

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