5 Simple Tips to Keeping the Kids Organised at Home and School

Keeping organised just comes naturally for some of us and for others, they need to be taught, reminded and taught again lol!! It’s never to late to teach a child how to get organized at home and school and do their best to stay that way. Organisation in the family is key for a peaceful happy home.

My kids are now in the later years of high school and I can’t stress to them enough how keeping organized is important. Keeping organised at home and school for kids will only create great habits as they leave home, go into their own careers with their own household responsibilities as adults.

Keeping the Kids Organised Tip #1. Start a good homework routine. Our kids get home a little later than some as they have a lengthy bus trip home so their down time is on the bus on the way home, so consider the best time for your child for homework and stick to it. For some kids and family routines right after school may be the best time. Other kids may need just to relax and have some parent time straight away. I have found that I need to reassess things year to year as our kids grow and change.

Keeping the Kids Organised Tip #2. Set up a great study/homework space. Think about where in the house would be most appropriate for your child and their age. For a younger child the kitchen table or kitchen bench might be best for homework and then to the lounge room for reading chapter books. For older children consider a desk in their room and even a bean bag for reading time.

Keeping the Kids Organised Tip #3. Make sure you’re up to date with what’s going on at school. As soon as your child gets home ask them to unpack their bag and pull out any homework for the evening. For older children check in with them especially about any assignments that are coming up, even ask your child that as soon as they know about assignments to write them on a family calendar in the kitchen so that you can keep an eye on the dates and you don’t plan a hectic schedule if they need help.

Keeping the Kids Organised Tip #4. Lists and Planners. Teach your child to keep their own calendar and/or planner in their bedroom of upcoming assignments, tests or events at school. The younger the better to create a good habit.

Keeping the Kids Organised Tip #5. Colour coding is key. Colours can have an affect on our mood and memory so get your kids to choose the colours of folders which correspond to each subject. For example if green reminds them of Agriculture then they know straight away with thinking when looking for their Ag notes.