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family budget

Simple Tips to Saving in a Family Budget – Part 1

Everyone wants to have more money to spend on the luxuries in life right? We all want to pay off our debts and be able free to give freely to those in need. There are many alternatives to getting more money, but it all starts with controlling our spending and getting a bit wiser. Personally…

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being the parent

Overcoming The Challenge Of Being The Parent

Being the Parent from a Dad’s Perspective It seems in today’s culture of minority groups controlling policy makers, being the parent is becoming harder and harder. Parents seem to feel as though they should be the friend before being the parent. They find it hard to know how to discipline, how to reward and almost…

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5 Simple Tips to Keeping the Kids Organised at Home and School

Keeping organised just comes naturally for some of us and for others, they need to be taught, reminded and taught again lol!! It’s never to late to teach a child how to get organized at home and school and do their best to stay that way. Organisation in the family is key for a peaceful happy…

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Meal Planning – 7 Simple Tips

Meal planning is so important with keeping on track so that you don’t look in the fridge and cupboard and freaking out. I find it’s also really important to keeping to a budget. 7 Simple Tips to Meal Planning Meal Planning Tip #1. Set a budget. This can be an interesting exercise to do and if…

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Dare to Discipline – Review

 The New Dare to Discipline – Dr James Dobson: Review Dr James Dobson goes to the place where some dare not go as far as discipline is concerned. No this is not a parenting book about beating your child lol!!! This is a book to support the parent looking for answers to questions that they…

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Ready-to-go Healthy Food Ideas

Food on the run or little time to sort yours and your kids snacks and lunch doesn’t have to mean a fat, salt and sugar overload. There are so many healthy food options to grab instead. A healthy food guide and drink choices can be a challenge if your work or travel requires you to be ‘on the road’. Changing a…

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Top 7 Social Manners for Kids

My husband and I were just having this conversation the other day, in fact every time we have a social gathering we have this same conversation.

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