Monthly Archives: February 2011

Healthier food choices work for me

Salads and gourmet sandwiches are listed alongside burgers, vegetarian options are popping up everywhere and juices are widely available instead of just soft drinks. Fast food companies have actively targeted health conscious consumers with big-scale marketing campaigns drawing attention to new healthier menu items and even their weight loss potential. But how do you know…

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Why do many families not exercise?

For a lot of families the answer is time. But did you know that incorporating just half an hour of activity in the day can leave everyone feeling more energised? Fit parents Finding time for exercise means that parents may have to do a bit of rescheduling and reshuffling. Here are some ideas that may…

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why we eat

Understand Why We Eat

Why do we eat? It might seem obvious why we eat. You might think: “We eat because we need to eat”, or “To stay alive”. But actually there are lots of different reasons why we eat. We also eat differently in different places, at different times, and with different people. Sometimes we eat for reasons…

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walking for exercise

Easy Exercise – Walking

Walking is an activity that everyone can enjoy, whether for recreation, social or health reasons. Walking is the easiest and most accessible way for all people to exercise. However before starting, you need to prepare so you avoid injuries. So I’ve included these tips below. Undertake good preparation • Always warm up and cool down…

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